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The kristen archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it. Nance - by hot daddy - a father discovers his daughters luscious preteen body. Mg, ped, inc, 1stnancy - by drifter - as we walked back across the campus john slipped his arms around both of us and the three of us got closer.

Then to our surprise and delight john slid his hands up our sides, under our arms and cupped one of our full breasts in each of his hands as he said, i always wanted to do this, as he kneaded our firm breasts in his hands. I heard joy laugh and say, well that relieves me, i was wondering how i was going to suggest to you some three-way sex. Mf, ff, teens, inc, 1st, binancys big ass - by suzyq - daddy tries to help his daughter when she hurts her leg but the sight of her ass makes him go nuts. Mf, ped, inc, rpnancys school outing - by serfer - nancys donation to the schools sex education. Fm teens, exh, orgy, inc, 1stnanny me - by pagan - daddys spoilt boys keep it in the family. Mmf, ped, inc, nc, bdnasty videos - by studs manley - a brother and sister role-play. Mf, inc, exhnatalies brutal brother fucking - by lancer - sexy blonde teenaged slut gets a hard raping from older brother and one of his reject freak friends. Its about betrayal, its sad slut and pure rape core.

Mmf, teens, nc, rp, v, inc, tor, anal, humlnaturist holiday - by pam bennett - pam tells us how she and her daughter, wendy went on a rather special naturist holiday. They met lots of sexy women, and wendy fell in love with mary, a pretty redhead. Please feel free to email me at pammrdouble.

Com to tell me if you like my story. Ff, fm, incnaughty angel - by kristen marie - when angel was 10, she knew she had a special power over men. Men now, four years later, she tells her story about this gift and the rewards it has reaped upon her. Not all angels are nice mmf-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, oral, mastnaughty nanny, the - by doctor dan - gracie was awestruck. She knew about sex from her sex-ed class at school but she thought it only happened with mommies and daddies because their mommy was dead she thought her daddy never had sex. But here he was fucking her big sister and they were both loving it mffm, inc, ws, ped, preg, sitcom-parodynaughty neighbors - by gungadick - a writer stares out of his window looking for inspiration.

What he finds is a different kind of inspiration in the form of a neighboring family. Mf, mf, exh, inc, pednavy bride - by willie bill - a woman marries a sailor only to find that hes away more than hes home. Shes horny as hell and misses the sex terribly. That is, until her no good drunken brother comes home one night and takes her against her will. The story escalates when her brother brings his friend by for some more fun in the sack with his sister. Mf, sister-turns-slut, inc, ncneanderthal nephews - by kip hawk - 40,000 years ago, a neanderthal man must become a father to his deceased brothers young sons by inseminating them. Mb, ped, inc, 1st, oral, anal, histneighbourhood watch - by boner - true story about my antics in voyeurism.

It is true and all of it really happened to me over the years ive been spying on people. Mf, exh, voy, inc, mast, strap-onneighborly love spell - by anon - how would you like to be a teenage boy, dating a pretty girl, only to end up in a threesome with your girlfriend and her mother fmf-teens, ped, bi, inc, oral, anal, threesomeneighbors - by the razors edge - a normal suburban family of three, gets new neighbors. Fg, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr part 2 - part 3neighbours - by xtremecssa - rachel had done this a hundred times, lure the guy in, get him distracted and then literally knock him out. This time would be no different but she had to admit, john was some guy, not the best looking guy ever but he was certainly good in bed. Still wouldnt be fair to the old baseball bat if she didnt swing for him. Plenty of practice had made her a deadly hitter. Mf, nc, rp, inc, oral, anal, orgy, bdnever enough - by foxi - a young girl cant seem to get enough sex, but she finds a way to satisfy her cravings. Ff-teenbeast, ped, inc, mast, analnew family, the - by puppyloverdawn tarashole - john andrews has everything, money, a beautiful house, a great job and a nice car.

But he is lacking something. Hes looking for a family as perverted as hmself and now he may have found it. Mff-teen, ped, inc, rom, bi, beastnew home with promise - by dr. D - young boy finds babysitting his younger sister could have promise. M-teenf-toddler, ped, inc, ws part 2new town - by puppyloverdawn - a kinky family finds a town that is just right for them.

Mf, family, ped, inc, nc, bi, beast part 2 - part 3new years eve - by durango dan - two pre-teen brothers discover the joys of masturbation, but when they are left along on new years eve, they find out that their sister can give even more pleasure. Bbg, youths, inc, bi, 1st, oral, analnew years mom - by oediplex - january first. The new year and a new day 610 am why she awoke she was unsure. But, she was awake and alive and still a bit buzzy from the party last night. It was two in the morning by the time the last of the guests had left their house. Quite a blow-out it had been. Mf, inc, rom, drugsnick and mommy - by homer vargas - this is a concept story. Its obvious that a successful internet hypno-domme would want to rear her daughters to be dommes themselves.

But what would she do with a son fdomm, ped incnicoles sister comes out - by jack831 - now that nicole is pregnant by her father, her sister brings her husband and son to visit us. This is the story of what happened years earlier. Mf, mff, mf, ped, 1st, mast, incniece - by anonymous author - my wifes seventeen-year-old niece, sue, was staying with us this summer. It was a pleasure to watch her walk around the house and pool, because she was really built and liked to wear tight-fitting halters on her 36-c breasts and short shorts that molded to her 35 inch ass. Her bikini suits were as skimpy as my wife would allow, and i could often see blond cunt hairs poking out from the legs of her pants. Her clothes looked as if they were molded to her body, nicely outlining her tits and cunt. Mf-teen, inc, pedniece comes to stay - by bossman - my niece comes to stay with me. First i catch her masturbating, then i watch as she gets gangbanged by my buddies.