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Child sex abuse my little heart would beat faster when id hear him coming down to my room, sophie says. Id hope and pray that he wouldnt come in and pull the blankets back. Illustration dearbhla kellychild sex abuse this morning a well-dressed man got on the bus, says eileen finnegan of one in four. I looked at him and thought, nobody knows youre a sex offender on a treatment programme. Illustration dearbhla kellychild sex abuse family therapy for abusers can reduce reoffending. Illustration dearbhla kellyi was about eight when my brother started coming into my room, james says. It began with gentle interference but, over time, became more serious and specific. He told me that if i ever told anyone we would both go to prison.

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It went on for about three years, until shortly after my dad died. During my teens there was a deep and profound sadness that i couldnt shake, so i drank a lot and took drugs. I carried self-loathing, humiliation, fear and shame. When i was 18 my mum brought me to a psychiatrist. When i told her what had happened she thought i was confused. Now i have a good relationship with my mum, but during my 20s she seemed to downplay it. I think people need to find the language to talk, at home and in schools, about good and bad intimacy. Theres a lot of focus on priests, rightfully the abuse and the cover-up were despicable. But we dont talk about families.

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A family member who abuses is always a family member, and how does the family cope with thatin many cases, james says, nobody wants to ruin the family image. Its hard for the survivor, for the other siblings, for the extended family. It creates a perpetual anxiety for the survivor which is hard to put to rest. Jamess case highlights some stark facts that are not always understood about child abuse. Most abuse is carried out by family members or people known to the victim. Many abusers are young men or teenagers. And few are classic paedophiles. Our current image of child sex abusers in ireland, and our approach to them, may be putting young people at risk.

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If we are to keep children safe we may have to gain a new understanding of the problem and make some unpalatable changes to the way we deal with it. Sophie was four when her stepfather, gerard, started to sexually abuse her. These are her earliest memories. She was 15 when he was arrested. I remember gerard always wore these cowboy boots, and my little heart would beat faster when id hear him coming down to my room, she says. Id hope and pray that he wouldnt come in and pull the blankets back. He controlled my every move and everything my mum did.

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He also sexually abused my half-sister, his own biological child. There was further abuse in sophies family. Her biological father was taken away when she was three because he had sexually abused another sister, rose, although he never harmed sophie.

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Sophies mother, herself a victim of abuse, had proven incapable of protecting her children. Rose is a recovering addict. Now in her early 30s, sophie spent years in therapy, earned a phd in counselling psychology and went on to work with other survivors of abuse. Today sophie has a difficult message about how we deal with child abuse. Few would disagree with some of her advice. We need to listen to and educate children, she says.

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We need to create stabler and healthier homes and work on better mental-health awareness and sex education. But sophie also believes that we need to provide therapy to abusers before they abuse, therapy that might stop them from hurting children like her in the first place.

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This means trying to see beyond our disgust at such crimes against children and to understand the factors that lead a person to commit them. Her views are echoed by others working in the field. James and sophies names have been changed, but bill kenneally is real, a convicted abuser who has featured in recent news reports. Kenneally was 36 when he started sexually abusing teenage boys in waterford. Over three years he abused 10 victims. To keep them quiet he took photographs of the boys and told them that if they reported him he would claim that they enjoyed what he did. In 1987 one of the boys fathers lodged a complaint and was visited by the garda. Kenneally, related to a prominent fianna fil politician, admitted his abuse. He gave them the name of other boys whom he had abused.

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But he was convicted only this year, and now he is appealing his 14-year sentence. The survivors of his crimes are suing the garda and the state because they say that senior garda, staff at the south eastern health board and members of fianna fil knew about the sexual abuse in the 1980s but didnt act. Prisoners are not allowed to have contact with journalists, but the irish times has spoken to kenneally through an intermediary and confirmed that the details published here are accurate. We have done so because professionals working in the field say that his profile is fairly typical, and describing it can help to shed light on a complex area.

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Kenneally has co-operated for the same reason. The garda interviewed him, told him to obtain psychiatric treatment and stay away from the boys, the intermediary says. He stopped coaching basketball and says that he kept a low profile because he knew that he could be prosecuted, but he now wishes they had done so in the 1980s.

Kenneally claims that he did not offend again, but for 30 years he walked free. Bill knows he is a pariah, and he hates himself for what he has done, the intermediary says.

He is not looking for forgiveness or understanding. Rather, he hopes that lessons can be learnt from his story. He grew up with a highly critical father he could never please and lacks any self-esteem. Kenneally told his therapist that he was attracted to women but didnt believe he could have a relationship.

He felt inadequate and unwanted. He now recognises that he abused children because he didnt feel threatened by them, the intermediary says. Kenneally did not abuse primarily because he was sexually attracted to the boys, much as a rapist is not overcome with lust. But, perhaps worse, like most sex offenders he was asserting power, control and dominance over people who could not defend themselves. The sexual abuse and violence in ireland study, carried out in 2001 by the royal college of surgeons in ireland in association with dublin rape crisis centre, and published the following year, is the most extensive investigation of child sex abuse in ireland. It found that 27 per cent of people just over one in four experienced either contact or noncontact sexual abuse in childhood. This week one in four, an organisation that provides therapeutic support and advocacy for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, said that it saw 178 new and 485 ongoing clients in 2015, of whom 43 per cent were men and 57 per cent women. Child sex abusers are around us we just dont know it. Eileen finnegan is clinical director of one in four and the manager of phoenix, a treatment programme for sex offenders that the organisation sees as a core part of child protection.

In 2015 it worked with 38 offenders 11 from dublin and 27 from the rest of the republic. Three of these received custodial sentences, seven are awaiting decisions from the director of public prosecutions, two received suspended sentences and one is taking part in the probation services sex-offender risk assessment and management programme. Three had abused their sisters, one had abused his daughter, one had abused his son and 11 had abused a niece, nephew or cousin. Outside of families, 11 had abused unknown children, one had abused a known child and nine had abused over the internet. I take the bus to work every day, says finnegan. This morning a well-dressed professional man boarded. I looked at him and thought to myself, nobody knows that you are a sex offender who has engaged in a treatment programme with us. You look the part, youre handsome and pleasant and have a very good job, but you have groomed and abused a child in your own family.

The man did not fit common preconceptions of what a sex offender looks like, she says. We imagine them as outsiders who have nothing to do with us a stranger in a white van driving into an innocent community even though the vast majority of abuse is perpetrated by someone well known to the child, often a family member. Therapists say that sex abusers tend to be marginalised, lonely and isolated men with poor boundaries and a poor sense of self who cant form proper relationships with adults. They can also have narcissistic traits. Abusers can appear to be highly functional. They can groom not only families but, sometimes, whole groups of people, gaining a child, family or communitys trust and making the child feel valued and special before sexually assaulting them.

As in sophies family, some abusers target vulnerable women with low self-esteem and limited or chequered relationships it makes their children easier targets. Being made to feel special adds to the childs confusion, sophie says. This person is kind to me, but they do this thing that makes me feel terrible and scared. This can be so murky for children. My mother was neglectful, and my stepfather was always there, so i thought of him as dad. So even though i walked around with fear, anxiety and shame i still loved him. When he was gone from my life i didnt know who i was. Weve had around 300 people on the phoenix programme, eileen finnegan says. All of them had difficulties around puberty, sex and relationships. We very rarely see paedophiles on the programmes.