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My name for this 100 true story is sandy and im finally telling someone about something that i wont dare tell anyone in real life. Im a 38 year old wife and mom of 3 kids.

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Im 510, brunette, with smallmedium sized 34c breasts. Im in pretty good shape for my age but about 20-30 lbs heavier than high schooluniversity.

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I like to think i could rock a bikini back then but im a bit more ive of swim attire now. My husband adores me still and is very horny for sex all the time even though im fine with once a month. Hes always begging for me to wear short dresses and no underwear like i did when we first met. We usually have sex a couple times a month. He has purchased lots of sex toys in an attempt to spice up the bedroom. I like them as they help me cum as he is usually done before i can finish. He has bought quite a few large black vibes.

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After 3 kids im not surprised i can handle them but when i seen them for the first time i was shocked. We used to do anal but now i dont care for it and we havent done it since before kids. Im also a teacher at a small rural high school in canada.

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I teach the grade 10-12 coed phys ed classes as well as 1 science class. Last weekend i attended a 2 day teachers conference in the province capital city which is 2 hours away. I arrived friday night after work, checked into the hotel, changed into some jeans and a nice sweater and headed to the conference room that had a buffet and bar.

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I met up with some old university friends and sat together at a table. We listened to the boring speakers and at 10 it was over but the bar and buffet went till 11. I stayed for a couple drinks with my old pals and by 11 i was asleep. Saturday nights were the party night if you call it a party as we dont have any speakers on sunday. Lots go home after saturdays speakers but lots stay as its usually not over until 9. My friends and i headed back to our rooms to change into something for the evening party. I had brought a modest black dress, that hid my cleavage but it was form fitting that it outlined my bust fairly well.

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I wore a bra and some thong underwear. Im sure my husband wouldve been begging me to go commando.

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I met my 2 old girlfriends and 2 guys that i went to university with and found a table. There was some music playing and a dance floor that nobody was using of course.

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Most teachers just want a weekend off to have drinks and no kids to deal with. We sat at a round table with 8 seats. Not long after we got there the place actually started to fill up. 2 black guys walked up and asked if they could sit at our table. I wont use their real names but ill call them steve and tim.

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We all chatted, complained about certain kids in our classes that we cant stand, our principals and of course some of the crazy parents. We all got along well with steve and tim and soon we were all fairly buzzed from all the drinks. Steve and tim im guessing were about 10 years younger than us at likely 28-30. One of my old friends sarah was talking about some of the hot guys in her classes and how she would love to keep them after school to teach them a thing or 2. Shes been like this since we first met at 18.

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Big Tits Babe Riding His Cock - Naked Black Babespics

By 1130 pm the crowd was thinning but steve had just bought another round of drinks. I wasnt really drunk by then but figured 11 am checkout was a long ways away. Finally sarah said she had had enough and we all agreed to head to bed, headed for the elevators and climbed in. 2 of us were on the main floor so we said good night and the other 5 jumped in. It was a 10 story hotel and i was on 9 and steve and tim on 7 while the others were getting off along the way. Once it was just myself, tim and steve they asked if i was up for a nightcap. I dont know what i was thinking but i thought its not that late yet so i said sure. We went to steves room, sat on the bed and he poured a rye and coke for the 3 of us. I asked about where they worked and what classes they taught.

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They asked about my family so i told them about my husband and kids. Steve then asked what would he think about you hanging out with 2 male teachers alone the booze clouded my judgment and my filter. I stupidly replied he might like it because of his bbc fetish did i really just say that out loud. I apologized immediately for my racist comment. They both laughed and said not to worry. Tim of course raised an eyebrow and asked whats his fetish about i once again had no filter and told him about the big black vibrators he had bought to use in the bedroom. I went on and on about how big they were and described how the one was 12 long and about 2. 5 thick and as hard as he tried he couldnt get more than 34 into my vagina. I even used my hands to show how long they were and how if i tried to put my hand around it that it wouldnt reach. I was rambling on like a stupid blonde.

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By now we were all laughing about it and then i said im sure the the whole big dick thing is only for porn and milf fantasies, right guys i walked right into that one. Steve said well if you want i could show you so the next time he tries it on you can say that they arent that big in real life i said i can only imagine hed love to know his wife was an expert on the subject somehow between the booze and the easy mannerism of steve and tim i felt totally relaxed and comfortable. I figured this might be a great story for sarah as shed loved to see some black guys. Steve pressed the subject again and said wanna look once again i blurted out with out thinking and said whip em out guys, lets see how much bigger mr marcus is than you. With some hesitation they both stood up and undid their jeans and slid them off completely. Tim then slipped his shirt off, followed by steve. Both were in pretty darn good shape.

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No six packs but flat stomachs and pretty good muscle definition. I hadnt seen someone in this good of shape in awhile as my husband has a bit of a dad bod. I joked and said wheres the stripper music we all laughed again and then the line was completely crossed when steve pulled his briefs clean off and stood before me. I was looking straight at my first real black cock. It looked very very big hanging there in front of me and although i could tell he was somewhat hard this was no full blown erection.

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I whistled and turned to tim and said dont be shy tim, im sure its not that small. With a smirk and a grin he began to slowly push down the waistband of his briefs. I finally saw the base of his quite thick shaft come into view. Im sure i mouthed a holy shit when he was about half way down. Finally his mushroom head appeared and it snapped up in the air like a diving board. I couldnt believe the sight of this mans penis. It was probably as big as the vibrator i had at home.

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Likely not as long but easily as thick or thicker. I looked up at tim with my mouth open like a kid on christmas morning. I looked over at steve now who had been stroking his cock to full mast. Although not as big as tim he was a very big boy. Steve was almost as long but he was a fair bit thinner in girth. Although he would make my husband jealous even though he is pretty big for a white guy.

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I was shocked and finally said something to break the ice i have to admit guys, i had no idea they could get this big both of them laughed and steve responded with thanks, we grow em big for the white girls to lust over i said no shit. What i said next was likely the most foolish thing i couldve said. Can i touch them with that both steve and tim stepped towards me as i uncrossed my legs which were up on the bed so ladylike just a few minutes before and placed them on the ground near the edge of the bed.

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The guys were right up to bed by now on either side of my legs with their cocks likely 2 feet from me. I reached out with one hand to grab steve first. I squeezed and examined it like i checking a piece of fruit for ripeness. Steve swelled in my hand and i looked up and said you ok with this im quite curious my god, of course hes ok with this. Hes single, and some married white woman is squeezing his cock like a professional inspector. They must think im stupid. With my hand still squeezing steve i turned my attention to tim and his tool. I grabbed it with my hand and as i suspected i couldnt reach my hand all the way around it. My guess was he was definitely thicker than my black vibe. I kept squeezing and alternating looking at both cocks like i was deciding on which dessert to eat.

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By now all my moral senses were gone. I was transfixed on these two big cocks in my hands. I started stroking both of them, to my surprise they started to harden even more. Tim reached out with his hand and placed it on the side of my face gently. That gesture seemed to heighten the mood in the room. With that i leaned in and started to lick the tip of his huge head. He groaned and that seemed to encourage me start to suck on it. I tried my best to actually take him in my mouth but there was no way more than the head would fit.

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So there i was sucking the tip while jerking his huge shaft as i continued to hold onto his friends cock. Steve cleared his throat and said hey sandy, dont forget about little ol me i looked up and said sarcastically fine, ill suck you too. So i did but i was able to get a few inches in my mouth compared to his partner in crime. I still was mesmerized by both their sizes and i finally had to ask seriously, how big are you guys they both burst out laughing. You really are curious arent you tim said. Well ya, im a teacher, i need an answer to the question. Anybody got a meter stick i chuckled.

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Steve walked over to his bag that was on the table while i continued to jerk tim and suck on him while eagerly watching steve look through his bag. He pulled out a coiled notebook and brought it over.

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He opened it up to the inside cover and on the outer edge was a ruler along with all kinds of volume conversions. Will this work to quench your curiosity i said perfect, grabbed the notebook and stood up. I started on steve first, he gave it a few strokes to make sure it was fully hard. I couldnt believe my eyes. Just under 10 inches and for good fun i winked at him and said 9. 5 and then went over to tim who was gently stroking his monster. I eagerly placed the notebook beside his penis or for better description, his bbc.

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Tim was a whopping 10 and 34 inches and like i said before, thick, very thick. I threw the book back over onto the table and said well, i never thought that this late in life id have a 9 and 10 incher in my hands.

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