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Com is a sex stories and erotica focused adult social network. You must be 18 or over to view this site, please read our terms. I was in my late twenties when i had my first thoughts of sex with guys. I knew i wasnt completely gay as i enjoyed sex with girls too much, but i was more and more attracted to thoughts of sex with men and in particular giving oral. I was keen to find out how it felt and i had noticed that the girlfriends i had seemed to enjoy giving blow jobs and i was intrigued to find out why. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category bisexual avg score 5 words 697 tags oral first time oral blow job bisexual sucking swallow nmcm 5 commentsmandy ritter looked out from the ski lodge balcony, as her friend rita starling pointed over snowy hills to where the sun cast midday rays on the distant mountains, bestowing an almost ethereal glow. Nothing ethereal about the way mandy was feeling on their fantastic break in a beautiful location in the french alps, where, rita promised, they would each have two main goals. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category first time words 3,977 tags seeking curiosity sleighride contact orgasm 3 commentsmary finds out about herself and a lot of things, see never suspected. The whole evening was beautiful.

Prom night is every girls dream. Yesterday, i turned eighteen, and going to the prom was another exciting adventure. Tim was my date, and i was surprised he asked me. Tim was a popular guy in school, and i was the envy of the rest of the girls in my class. I head mom and daddy talking about the dress mom had let me buy. He thought it exposed too much of. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category first time avg score 5 words 2,376 tags straight sex exporation 1 commentmother and son are prostitutes that extort their way to prisonchad started sucking cock at sixteen and most of the cocks were bigger than his own.

But by the time he was eighteen, his cock had grown substantially, and he had a nice thick cut cock, just under eight inches. This was both a blessing and a curse, as most guys wanted to suck him, rather than have him suck them. However, that was different with the ladies.

The mature ones wanted to suck. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category occupations avg score 4. 75 words 2,946 tags sucking fucking bisexuality incest prostitution extortion 4 commentsi had been spending a lot of time on the road working at trade shows and meeting with customers. Living out of a suitcase, i had very little time to myself. Not uncommon for a guy in my line of work, but it certainly put a huge strain on my family and relationships. The difficulty is not just the time, but also how we handled the stressful day-to-day issues. When i am not on the road, im.

Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category crossdressing avg score 4. 67 words 4,394 tags gay trans mtf crossdressing 2 commentsshortly before christmas, i had an awesome experience. It all started when friends from the lifestyle, jackie and her guy, were at the same party in providence. As we normally do, we played with them and also two other couples who were okay but nothing worth writing about. As ive stated before, i hate condoms but its a rule and an important one. Anyway,my vagina probably tasted. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category interracial avg score 4.

7 words 2,237 tags bbc cheating fun 2 commentsfor you. Ive been with my fianc for about 2. I met him when i was working at a local convenience store in my hometown.

When i first saw him i was like, who is that i can still remember what he was wearing, a yellow cut off t-shirt, basketball shorts and work boots. Damn, thats manual labor, working ass man. Then i walked by him and smelled him. Read onadded 02 jan 2020 category love stories avg score 4. 6 words 870 tags fiance our first time 3 commentsmoms eyes were closed in concentration. Her hair was short and mousy brown. She had no curves, what little she had for breasts were flat and saggy, although her nipples and areolas were big. She was on her knees and she had a thicket of bushy dark hair between her legs. What can i say, i dont think many people would find their own mother attractive. I certainly didnt, not in that way.

Read onadded 01 jan 2020 category incest avg score 4. 43 words 1,088 tags mom son first time 3 commentsthe fun you can have when you surrender your control to the ones you love. Will and his girlfriend ann had made plans to head up to wills cabin for a weekend of fun times. They had planned to leave on friday after ann worked a half-day. Yet little did ann know that will and her best friend cassie had been talking about surprising her and tony, cassies boyfriend, that weekend with a little fun role play of master and slave. They thought it would be perfect as both. Read onadded 01 jan 2020 category swingers avg score 5 words 4,140 tags couples role play control dominance obedience restrained toys 4 commentsstacy makes an uncomfortable bet with her boyfriend and brooke ends up the winnersunday was the weirdest day of my life, bar none. I am an atypical sports fan.

I think it stems from the fact i was an athlete, a runner in college and did pretty well. Not quite olympic caliber, but not for lack of trying and training. As a result, i hung around with lots of athletes, male and female.

This also means, now that i am a few years away from my own. Read onadded 01 jan 2020 category true avg score 4. 71 words 3,030 tags lesbian football bet boyfriend sports bar pub bathroom 15 commentsafter the events of yesterday and with the prospect of more to come, i was excited and anxious for the courier to deliver the new pump for sandras washer. The previous evening my wife had inquired about what i had got up to all day. I told her about my escapades with sandra next door, leaving out the adultery bit of course. You are such a sweetheart, she said, giving me a peck on the. Read onadded 01 jan 2020 category cheating avg score 4.

75 words 4,402 tags cheating neighbour oral 2 commentsi need to tell you about zoo. Pete and jenny were in bed when pete said this or nearly said it.

Variations of those words floated inside his head. But though his mouth was open, they didnt come out. Instead pete lay back, pressed his chin to his chest, and watched jenny draw the valley of her tongue up the length of his dick. What a relief he was getting hard. Read onadded 01 jan 2020 category straight sex words 3,991 tags unfaithful first-time 16 commentsan attractive young businesswoman moves in next door. Here i am fifty-five years of age and living a comfortable, but rather dull life. Married thirty years ago to a nice girl caroline now a woman of forty-eight.