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Cute Guys On Tumblr

Top rated rape sex story farm girl by dark dreamer. Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination.

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Nearly Naked Guys

With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of max, my stallion, i could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde adonis crashing into me. I had a small, but really well developed body, which made grown men look twice and get that look on their face, the one that meant boy id like to fuck heri was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, i thought, but my titties were a good size, and perfectly rounded. They were only a little too big for my small frame. They were the size that made men look real carefully at me, but not so large that they made me look really chesty. Right in the center of each round tit, was a tiny pink nipple, which got hard very very easily. My ass was really good too. I had the kind of perfectly rounded and firm ass that only young girls had, and the men would all turn and watch when i walked down the sidewalk in town. My face was not the kind you would find in the fashion magazines. The kind of face that made people maternal or paternal around me, thinking what a sweet innocent little thing i must be.

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Sexy Crossdressers

When i wore my strawberry blonde hair in loose pigtails, people of all ages would smile sweetly at me when i looked at them. None of them would guess or even believe the kind of things that went on behind my wide blue eyes. I was still technically a virgin then, but only because i was afraid that if i fucked anyone, the whole town would find out within hours. I satisfied my erotic desires by masturbation and daydreaming. I used a variety of tools to help me, including two big rubber dildos i had gotten from a mail order company.

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Nearly Naked Guys

The first time i tried to put one inside my tight little pussy hole, i almost fainted from the painpleasure. I had long since busted my cherry with my fingers and hair brushes and the like, but the dildo was thicker and longer than anything i had ever used before. The day the first one arrived, my dad was out mending a fence half a mile away, and my mom was visiting friends in town. I took the package and rushed up to my room.

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Shirtless Anime Boys Fudanshidaily Have A Bunch Of

Once inside i locked the door and ripped open the brown package to stare in awe at the huge rubber cock i held in my hands. I tore off my clothes to stand naked with the dildo. My pussy was already starting to spurt juices as i slid the rubber all across my body, paying particular attention to my titties which were extremely sensitive.

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Hot Guys From Tumblr Boysinheaaven Check Out

It had a suction cup on the end which i stuck to the seat of a wooden chair. I straddled the chair backwards and lowered myself onto the dildo. My legs strained with the effort of holding my squatting body up. An electric shock seemed to shoot through me when my soft, moist cuntlips made contact with the rubbery head of the fake cock.

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Half-Pint Bathtime Naked Bath Time Selfie Gay Boy

Slowly i shifted my groin backwards and forwards, bending my knees a little more each time. Slowly i worked the head of the dildo into my pussy hole, grunting with the effort, and suppressing the slight pain i felt as my pussy lips were pushed hard apart. The first inch was the hardest.

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Timothee Chalamet - Cute Boys And Feetsocks

My virgin pussy lips spread and spread to accommodate its thickness. I crouched there for several minutes, my legs spread around the chair and my arms holding the back, as my pussy got used to the size of the rubber prick.

Shirtless Anime Boys  Fudanshidaily Have A Bunch Of -5825

Shirtless Anime Boys Fudanshidaily Have A Bunch Of

The feeling of the big rubber cock inching its way up into my hole was mind blowing i could feel the inside walls of my cuntslit being pushed aside as the cock forced a channel for itself inside me. When it was half way up me, i pulled back up, my knees straining. The soft rubber sucking my pussy outwards as it came out of me.

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Dutch Soccer Boys Football Player Likes To Be Naked

When only the first inch was inside, i slid back down, loving the erotic stimulation of the soft rubber sliding against my pussy walls. Up and down i went, the dildo working its way deeper inside me with each passing minute. My knees and leg muscles were killing me, but i ignored them. Faster and faster i pumped, trying to make the plunges as long and deep as possible. On one of the downward plunges my foot slid on the carpet and my crotch slapped down all the way to the chair seat. A startled yelp issued from my mouth as i fell and was impaled on the rigid rubber prong. I just sat there, my cunt lips and asshole squashed against the chair seat, the cock buried in my belly and my entire cunt pit burning with astonishment.

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Tumblr Boys

I realized i had the whole thing up inside me then. I felt stuffed and bloated by the monster fuck piece. Slowly i began to rub my crotch back and froth on the chair, delighting in the stimulation of my clit and the way the cock was jolted around inside me. I rubbed my swollen breasts against the back of the chair, crushing my rock hard nipples against the hard wooden slats. One hand slid down over my belly and pushed my clit against the dildo as i wiggled my ass back and forth. My other hand moved behind me and slid over my smooth ass cheeks, delighting and exciting me by how taut and stretched out they were.

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A Year Of Deep Creek

I rose up, my pulpy wet cunt mound coming free from the chair, the hot rubber cock sliding out of my cunny. As the last inch of rubber cock came free, i felt my cunt tingle with a kind of hungry longing. I squatted poised inches above the dildo for a few seconds. Then i lowered myself, groaning as i felt the moistened dildo head make contact with the soft sensitive entrance to my fuck hole. I lowered still, so the pressure mounted against my cunt. Again the dildo pushed past my cunt entrance and slid up into me.

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Ambw On Tumblr

I delighted in the feeling of being penetrated. I lowered myself, sliding back down the rigid pole of rubber, letting my cunt envelope the fuck tool until its end mashed against the back wall of my cunt once again. My cunt wasnt really deep enough for something that size.

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Shawn Mendes Tattoo Tumblr

But it had forced its way in a couple of minutes ago, and i was determined to swallow the whole thing again. I just let my legs go further and further apart, letting my body down despite the pain. I winced as the cockhead pushed up into me, jamming against something up in my belly and then pushing it aside to enter me fully.

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Hot Guys Biceps Tumblr

I rose again, feeling the rubber rasping across my clitty as it slid out of me. Once again i let it exit my fuck channel and then dropped down to let it penetrate me again, let it fuck up into the deepest part of my cunt hole. I started to speed up, ignoring the screaming protests from my legs as lust and sexual excitement overwhelmed me. My belly was burning and twitching and fluttering as i started riding the dildo. I was jerking my groin up and down and up and down with a terrible, relentless speed that skewered my cunt on the long thick cock. My room seemed to spin around me as i erupted in a tremendous series of orgasms. My head lolled back and i shuddered through them one by one. As if through a mist i felt drool coming out of the corner of my mouth and i heard the soft grunts and sighs i was making.

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My Reaction To The Naked Chicken Chalupa Told By Gavin Memes

My eyes seemed blinded as my body shook and twitched, still pumping mindlessly up and down until my legs simply wouldnt raise me anymore. Finally i just collapsed forward against the chair back, my chest heaving as i tried to regain my breath.

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Preppy Guys On Tumblr

Using the dildo like that certainly helped make my leg muscles strong, but it left me longing for the more realistic feeling i was certain i could get if the dildo would somehow move in and out of me without my assistance. One day as i was out riding in the empty outer fields, the stimulation of the bouncing around on horseback started giving me erotic ideas. Daringly i took off my shirt top and bra. Riding around topless, my boobs were jiggled up and down by the slow trotting and my nipples rapidly hardened. I knew suddenly that i had to go all the way. I stopped and slid off max. I quickly pulled off my sneakers and pants and stuffed them into a saddlebag with my shirt. I jumped back onto maxs back, my wet pussy slapping down on the leather saddle. I urged max into a faster trot, and i began to bounce up and down on the saddle.

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Summer Boy On Tumblr

I was not very big and straddling maxs back left my crotch incredibly wide open. My soft crotch and rounded ass cheeks made smacking noises as they slapped the tough leather with each downstride max made. I leaned forward as we trotted across the meadow, my hard little clit rubbing against the saddle, my ass cheeks wide and open so i could feel air blowing into my slightly spread asshole each time max threw me into the air. Within minutes i shuddered through a massive orgasm as my crotch slapped and pounded against the saddle. I did this several times before i got the bright idea of using the dildos to help my pleasure. I liked the feeling of being completely full and had used the dildos anally several times before. The idea i had was to stick them on the saddle and i would be bounced up and down on them by maxs bouncing gait. The problem was they wouldnt stick to the saddle. I solved this by using crazy glue.

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Teen Boy Feet Tumblr