Funny but sexy halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes 2019 Sexy Halloween Costume Hotties Part 2-6545

Halloween Costumes 2019 Sexy Halloween Costume Hotties Part 2

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume For Adults-1601

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume For Adults

Tarot Fool Adult Costume  Scary Costumes  Adult Costumes -8377

Tarot Fool Adult Costume Scary Costumes Adult Costumes

Story archivesfirst timecollege sexsex at workwet sexinternet sexpantyhoseat a concertat a barin the parkin the bathroomat the moviesanal sexviagraoral sexcar sexthreesomeoutdoorsvoyeurwith strangerssex in bedyounger womanolder womanhalloweenthanksgivingchristmasnew yearsthis is short and sweet. I was at a halloween party, dressed as alice in wonderland, and there was this guy dressed in the scream costume. Keep in mind, i had no idea of what this guy looked like he had the full robe and mask and i casually said to him, i bet you could make me scream. He motioned for me to follow him, and he took me into a bedroom and locked the door. He started to take his mask off, and i told him i didnt want him to speak, to leave his costume on and fuck me. It was so erotic to be fucked by someone wearing that costume. All i heard from him was his little grunts and a long ahhhh as he shot his load. After he came he fingered my clit until i came, and then we left.

Diy Halloween Pun Costume Smartie Pants Halloween Pun  -8907

Diy Halloween Pun Costume Smartie Pants Halloween Pun

He eventually walked away from me, and then when i went to the bathroom and walked back out to the party, there were three other guys with the same costumei had been casually dating this one guy for a week when he invited me over to his friends halloween party. I dressed up as a glam-rock porn star with glitter blue hair and a short skirt, platform shoes, the works. I pushed him into the spacious bathroom and closed the door behind me. We immediately stripped off all our clothes. There was a huge mirror from wall to wall and i stared at his erect dick through the reflection. He lifted me to the counter and started licking my pussy and i came shortly after.

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The counter was just the right height for him to slide inside me. He thrust his dick in and out and i just moaned even though i could hear people outside. We knocked over some candles as we fucked harder and harder. A girl tried to knock on the door but another guy told her his friend is having sex in the bathroom with his girlfriend. I was like girlfriend what the fuck but we kept going until he came inside me. I kissed a little longer and went outside, but by that time everyone was gone because they didnt have the patience to wait for the bathroom anymore.

Funny Couples Costume Cheech And Chong  My Style -5398

Funny Couples Costume Cheech And Chong My Style

We returned to the party with no one realizing we were gone. I started grinding with him when he pushed me against a wall and we started groping each other and making out in front of everyone. As we were leaving, everyone started clapping for the show we put on. Afterwards, we were walking back to my room we went past the library i couldnt resist taking him up to the stacks. And of course we fucked for the 13th time that day. It was the best, and to this day, whenever i go in the library i think of that night.

Adult Male Operation Costume - Adult Funny Board Game -2037

Adult Male Operation Costume - Adult Funny Board Game

And yes, after four years of dating we are married. We pretended that i was up late one night, and i was watching porn and jerking off in my apartment. I had the television on a little too loud.

Adult Couple Costumes Tapatio And Cholula Hot Sauce  Fun -7965

Adult Couple Costumes Tapatio And Cholula Hot Sauce Fun

As i am watching a great anal scene with my pants around my ankles, my doorbell rings. I pause the porno, pull up my pants, and answer the door.

Kermit Meme Costume  Costuming Cosplays, Halloween -2181

Kermit Meme Costume Costuming Cosplays, Halloween

This hot female cop is at the door. She tells me that my neighbor called to complain about some unusual noise that was unusually loud coming from my apartment. The cop explains that she rang my doorbell because the noise was too loud and it sounded like i was having some crazy party. The cop is hot, and her perky breasts are keeping my erection from going down. She looks way too hot to know how to use her billy club or gun. The whole time she is at the door, she is obviously staring at my cock, which is still hard. She does not look happy with me.

Pin On Funny Halloween Costumes-5262

Pin On Funny Halloween Costumes

I explain it was just a movie, but she says she needs to come in and look around, and she just walks right by me. When she walks into the living room, she points at the paused video and tells me it is indecent because i am watching a scene with multiple partners and sodomy. The way sodomy rolls off her tongue, however, makes my cock even harder. She starts to write out some summons or something. I ask if we can work it out. I must have said the magic words.

Adult Elf Costume-4503

Adult Elf Costume

She tells me to drop my pants. I immediately comply, and she is on her knees sucking my still hard cock in increasingly faster gulps, taking it all the way to my balls. After a few minutes, she stands up, drops her utility belt, pulls her shirt off, and drops her pants. She was wearing nothing underneath her uniform. In nothing buy her cop boots, she bends over my couch. Eat my pussy you perv, she says.

Headless Man Costume For Grown Ups-9303

Headless Man Costume For Grown Ups

I start to eat her from behind. As i am licking her clit, she pulls her billy club from her belt and start to fuck her pussy with it. But what happened next demonstrated that she was a dirty cop in the best sense of the phrase. Rubbing some juice from her sopping pussy on her ass she says, fuck my ass or i am taking you in. The threat was not necessary. Using her pussy juice, i lubed my cock and slowly eased it in. When it was in to the base, she started fucking herself with the billy club in unison to my thrusting. She put her head right into the couch and used her other hand to rub her clit. Slowly, her moaning grew harder and harder.

Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume-9567

Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

Although she kept the pace steady with the billy club, she rubbed her clitoris faster and faster. Then, with an almost animal sound, she came. Her back arched and her hips pushed into me as i buried my cock all the way into her ass with each pulse of her orgasm. She kept fucking herself with the billy club, and i came almost immediately. Damn, i love my crazy wife.

Adult Blue Monster Madness Costume-8069

Adult Blue Monster Madness Costume