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Knit Jones Les Fleurs

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Knit Jones Before And Afterbathroom Edition

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Should You Pee After Sex If Youre Trying To Get Pregnant

The burke family arrived at their spot the beautiful conditions for their regular float. With silvias suv, they drove the 2 and a half miles upstream of the river on their farm, to a save spot where they can launch there tubes. John unloaded thetubes and pump it with a compressor that work from the suv battery, while sylvia slapped sunscreen on the kids. Tim, just 8 obliged, but lindsey at 15 was being a madam and on doing it herself. Lindsey will you get the water bottles and snacks out and put the first aid kid in my tube, i have the bigger tube. Before long all the prep was finished and the family was on the river ready to enjoy the -3 hour float. Tim was especially excited for the two sets of rapids now that he was old enough todo them himself in his own tube. John bought the tubes for single small rapids, and they were.

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Knit Jones Half Bath Remodel

It all went so quickly and dont get me wrong, i love my wife and kids very much and will not let anything harm them even if i am not fully happy in every sense of the word. Me and silvia got married when we both were in our twenties. Before and after the first kid lindsey was born there we was happy in our sex life. Silvia was so hot that she would wake me in the middle of the night to make love. Some weekends we stayed in bed the whole time just up lo get food and some drinks to wash and clean ourselves looking at porn movies and try every scene of that movies. We even got a book 101 ways to have sex and 101 positions, and i think we added some of our own. Nearly 8 years later when silvia gave birth to tim our second child and had a hysterectomy, that is where everything changes, from sex seven or more times a week and im not bragging or complaining. Silvias sex drive went from 100 to 2 and i mean sex now was like once in three months. So i got some porn books that i had and whenever i get a chance i will masturbate and i will do that maybe once or twice a week.

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Knit Jones Half Bath Remodel

But the something happened to me one day. It was my darling daughter that was sick with a flu like illness. Silvia took tim to school and attend some classes on her sawing.

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Knit Jones Les Fleurs

I stayed at home and attended to our sick child. Silvia gave me same ointment that i had to rub on lindseys back and if she dont feel better i can rub some on to her front to. Now you can call me sick bustard, on my daughter only 13 years old and she was sic with flu. But i got turned on by rubbing her, first it was ok to do lindseys back but when i did the front it was another story. I got so hard that i nearly cum in my pants doing this. I played with the lotion on het nipples and it got hard, not to hard but i could feel the pebbles standing out a little. So that day if it was any other medicine she would have been overdosed.

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Its A Trip When Your In Tha Mafia Cuz Quantas Veces

I rubbed her every hour and masturbate till my dick was sore and i had no more cum in me. After that i notice every innocent move that lindsey made.

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With Toms Friend And Its The Same Thing If A Girl Says

There were some hot evenings where she would sleep in only a panty and tee. She would swim in a bikini and walk all around the house in it even sitting cross legs and eating lunch. I was fantasized about my teen daughter and love the time went on. I even took the time when silvia was showering to go to the garage to look at teen porn and masturbate. I know all the young girls have a crush on their fathers in some sort of way and in some stage of their life. My crush on my dad happened when i was 10 that i know off, but it change when my curiosity took the better of me. There i was taking note that my dad left the house when mom was in the shower or she went to the shops, he went to the garage for a while and came back empty handed. So a while back, i heard mom saying she is going to take a shower.

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Real War Photos - Veteran Voices - Send Us Your Questions

I took the spare key and headed to the garage and got in the loft behind a trunk and some big round drums, i laid there and within 3 minutes of settle down, the garage door open and dad walk in strait to the back of his jeep. I couldnt make out what he was doing at the time but saw him open some box and shuffle trough some stuff. He moved back out behind the jeep and i saw that he held something in his hand like a book of some sort. His free hand went and undid his fly. Outcome his penis in his hand first i nearly lost my cool and fell over. His penis was large, larger than any pictures in our biology class handbook or what i saw on tim. There was no other male that a had to compare it to.

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Incest Anal Threesome - Mothers And Sons - The First

There right in front of me was my father beating his meat as the girls in my class would say they caught there brothers doing. Ok it was not on purpose or right in front of me but less than 8 meters away.

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I Need To Go To Bathroom Stock Photo - Image 69964976

I looked at my dad and a funny feeling went over me. I was so amazed and mesmerized by looking at him and wondered why do he have to do this, here even when my mother was just in the bathroom taking a shower. By the time i realize that my hand was now rubbing against my pussy and it felt so good. I started to feel that i need more than just rubbing my pussy trough my panty that i saw daddy shooting some stuff out of his penis. Daddy quickly putt the book like thing back in the box and closed the box. He took a old rag that was laying on the side and just with his feet he cleaned the stuff that came out of his penis.

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Giant Image Management - Diary Of Silviamatrilineally

He left soon after that and i was still rubbing my pussy trough my panty it felt moist. I climb of and made my way back to the house. Daddy was no wear to see, mom was in the kitchen. I told her that im going to take a shower. In the shower i looked at myself in the mirror. Small breasts not large like some girls and my nipples were standing out and it felt so nice to squeeze then and pull on the nipples.

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Dawa09S Blog

Before i climb in the shower i couldnt belief how wet my panty was i climb in the shower and started to wash myself, but i was giving more attention to my pussy. I closed my eyes and thinking of my dads penis and before long my knees buckled and i nearly fell to the floor, but the feeling i felt was amazing, at this time i didnt know it was my first climax that i had. I finished and after a while went to bed. Thinking of what happened today. It was one saturday a winter night that i was watching tv and lindsay wanted to see the same movie. Lindsey brought a blanket so we got under the blanket and watch tv. At some time the movie got a bid violence and scary. Lindsey sat on my lap and she fell asleep. I opened the blanket a bit for i was getting hot, and i saw that her first button on her pyjamas was lose and i could see down het top. In the slim light that we had with the tv i saw the roundness of her breast.

Small and firm, her small areolas was in sight and iwas longing to see her nipple. It cost me to lift her pyjama top and to reveal her nipple. It was so beautiful nice puffy and stiff. I wanted to take her nipple in my mouth and suck on it, but controlled myself. I woke her and told her its bed time, she moaned and wrap her arms around my neck, i knew that i have to take her to bed, she wouldnt walk. I took her to her bed and as i laid her down she still hold me around my neck, as i said good night sweetie, she hugged me closer and her nipple pressed against my lips thought the fabric. About a week ago i notice a wet mark on her short there where her pussy must be. I went to their bathroom after everybody went to bed and i looked for that panty.

I found it and yes it had a big wet patch on it. I smelled it and was amazed how sweet the smell was. I took the panty and let my tongue favour over the patch. I tasted my daughters sweet pussy juice, and i loved the taste.

I placed it in my pocket and masturbate with my daughters panty at my nose. I went in the trunk of the jeep and under the toolbox there was some porno books about teen girls showing off there bodies nude and spreading there pussys. Now that i knew what dad was doing most time that mom took a shower. I made sure to be there on my spot every time mom say shes taking a shower. It was the fourth or sixth time i saw daddy masturbate and by now my hand was not only on my panty but inside rubbing my pussy and playing with my breasts and pulling lightly on my nipples. I would push my finger to the first knuckle inside my pussy it would glide in and out and over a very sensitive clit, there was this one time that i climax right there when dad would shoot his load out. After a while dad entered the garage. I was laying there with my hand already playing with my soaking pussy. This time he didnt open the jeep trunk.

He moved just beside the front door when he took something out of his pocket. To my shock i saw my panty of yesterday out of his pocket. He put it to his nose and i could hear him sniffing my panty. I cum almost straight away. As i saw daddys dick closer than normal it didnt take me long to have a orgasm. I didnt stop there i played and just before dad shoot his load i rich my second orgasm for the night. After dad left i tried to clime the steps from the loft to the ground but it was if my legs was made off jelly. I went for a shower and rich another orgasm before i took my panty and left it for my dad to find.

I took my panty and pushed it in my pussy and placed it nicely folded so the sense will not be condemned. School holidays came up and dad told as about a river ride that he was planning for us. I thought that i can make a plan so that i could feel the water on daddy if he will be interested in helping me or can i help him. I read everything i could find about sex and even on the internet when i got a chance. One problem was my virginity. That evening i made every effort to seduce my dad. I even gave him a slap on his bum and i sure he looked at the down blouse i gave him before mom got to the dinner table. I was on my post waiting for my dad. Like before i was so worked up that it look me a couple minutes after dad took my new panty out of his pocket.

Dad first smell then taste the panty. Then he did something i didnt believed at first. Daddy took the panty and rubbed his cock around and over the wet spot on my pantys crouch before he started to masturbate. Not taking his time he shot his load but didnt stop like before. Daddy played with my panty on his cock and after a while he shot his second load in my panty. That evening i took a shower and decided to do something. If i want to plan my fantasy i need to do preparations for it to work. I was still soaking wet and i inserted my hairbrush handle inside my pussy first it was only the tip. I knew the next step will hurt and i just pressed the handle deeper in my pussy. I nearly screamed out load, but succeeded to control myself.

I didnt know if it will hurt again if i put it deeper or pull it out. Luckily i pushed it in deeper. It did burn a bit but then i let it just move in and out and before long i rich a orgasm, one that overwhelmed the pain that i veldt. That tuesday night i plan my plan to seduce my dad and to have sex with him without mom knowing it, and the weekend was in my sites. Storyit was a peaceful slow stretch for the first half a mile and john laid his head back enjoying the tranquillity feeling of soothing sounds and the sun on his skin, untilaaaaaa im sinking. Dad im sinking it was lindsey. Sure enough her tube had sprung a leak.

Therewas no way it was going to last the whole float. Everything work out as i planed it so far.

Mom didnt complain about me in just a skimpy bikini, i told her then i can get a better tan. In my bikini was my secret weapons. First i shaved all my pubic hair so now there was no way that my dad would resist my shaven pussy. All the girls in the magazine was shaved, and i know daddy will love to see mine up close. Secondly there was a nail in my bikini hidden. That is to make a hole in the new tube so that i could ride with daddy. Storyit was decided by silvia and john that she would have to ride on her dads lap since he had the largest tube.

It had enough spacefor the two of them but it was a tight fit. John fold lindseys tube up and fasten it to the front of his tube. Sylvia and tim drifted ahead about forty yards or so while john and lindsey got her tube on his and they got comfortable. The float went by uneventfully until they approached the first rapid. Sylvia and tim went first hooting andhollering.

While we got ready for the trip, i saw that lindsey had a small bikini on and i think i saw a camel toe when we arrived at the beginning of the river ride i gave her some work to do most was there were i was, out of eye sight of her mother. My curiosity was repaid by a couple nice views of her bending down to put stuff in the tubes. Lindsey was not only not using her knees but she spread her legs as well in his direction. While pumping the tubes i sat with a massive hard on. As the ride went on i was laying there on my tube thinking of my daughters body that was getting to me. I became a paedophile and was thinking of incest with my 15 year old daughter. I looked around and i could see everybody was in front of me. First it was silvia then tim right behind her about seven tube lengths was lindsey and i followed her with about the same distance that she was from her brother. I thought by myself that if i masturbate in the tube i could easy just wash my hands in the river. I masturbate and cume in no time i think that i was just to turned on.

I was busy washing the cum of my hand and clean myself when lindsey screamed out load. Everything went as planned. My dad was sitting and i grinded my ass on him, i could feel that he was uncomfortable but i felt him pushing back at me at some time. I had to do just one thing and that is to get more distance from my mom. So the best thing is to buy time by go ashore. Lindsey said she had to go to the bathroom first so john shouted to silvia and pulled over to the bank. While lindsey wentbehind a tree. Sylvia and tim drifted ahead about a hundred yards. Lindsey finally loaded back up and theywere off.

As she did john was struck by what a beautiful young woman she was becoming. It was not his first time noticing the teen and her curves and developing body. Her longblonde hair was tied up in a ponytail. Her long slender legs were very shapely and she even had nice small breastsmust be around a b cup, now to fill out the yellow and green striped bikini. John caught himself staring while she went for a pee and looked away as she came out and satonto his lap.

The first rapid was the mellowest, but was still bumpier than john remembered from last time, or was it the weight and movement of lindsey, not that shes fat. Halfwaythrough, he started to really feel the bumping from the waves and lindsey on his lap. Mortified, he realized allthe friction was causing another erection. Lindsey moved around and bend forward holding the side ropes and then back against him, sort of riding the waves. If john didnt think she was innocent he would swore that she is pushing her pussy and butt on him. They came to the end of the rapid and lindseys laughter from the excitement subsided. Tim and sylvia haddrifted further ahead, so they had the section of the river pretty much to themselves. John shifted aroundnervously, hoping lindsey wouldnt notice his hard on. What the heck is that she said reaching beneath her.

John flinched as she grabbed hold of his hardcock. Oh my, do you have a boner lindsey asked her dad. Dont think anything of it, it was just all that bouncing around in the rapids. Lindsey tried to moved but slide back to johns lap.

With the sudden move she pressed on his cock again. He tried to think of innocuous things to turn him off. Baseball, work, his wifes fat ass.